Official Releases
"Electropop 6"
Role: Remixer (Track 3)

Release Date: 29-04-2011
Label: Conzoom Records
Catalogue No.: CRCD006
Format: CD: Conzoom
Track Listing:

01. Bispatial "We Just Got It Wrong (Electropop Mix)"
02. Easily Done "Enlight Me (Extended Version)"
03. Future/Perfect "The Hunter (Mark Rasure Robotham Club Mix)"
04. I Hate This Place "She`s Space Invader (G-Force Mix)"
05. Mooger "Fantasy (Extended Version)"
06. Motus "Sunrise (Extended Edit)"
07. Northern Mars "Shadows (Extended  Mix)"
08. Oblique "A Kind Of Electric Current (Parralox Ancient Remix)"
09. Second Version "X-Ray (Extended Version)"
10. Splender Projekt "Darkest Days (Extended Version)"
11. Spreading Point "Turning Point (People Theatre's Curve Mix)"
12. Vangard "Now That We're Here (Extended Version)"
13. Vile Electrodes "Proximity (Extended Version)"
Eden vs Veda "Murder On The Mind"
Role: Remixer (Track 5)

Release Date: 02-09-2011
Label: Major Digital
Catalogue No.: B005HJZI1U
Format: Digital Download: Amazon
Track Listing:

01. Murder On The Mind (Single Mix)
02. Manmachine
03. How 'bout Us
04. Murder On The Mind (Stellar Mix)
05. Murder On The Mind (Rasure Mix)
06. Murder On The Mind (Klinkle 2 Mix)
07. Murder On The Mind (LoungeZilla Mix)
Solas "When The Wind Blows"
Role: Writer/Producer/Mixing/Mastering

Release Date: 30-09-2012
Label: Mark Robotham
Catalogue No.: 885767348578
Format: Digital Download: Amazon iTunes
Track Listing:

01. When The Wind Blows
Various "We Love Synthpop The Album"
Role: Producer/Mastering

Release Date: 24-08-2012
Label: ScentAir Records
Catalogue No.: 887516137075
Format: Limited Edition CD & Digital Download
Track Listing:

CD 1

01. Bradley - Reaction
02. Vanished - Lighthouse
03. ETH - No Room For Me
04. Cold Connection - Arrival
05. Brand New Day - In The Zone
06. Le Plan - Listen Well
07. SilencioPersonal - Withered Life (People Theatre´s Trust Mix)
08. Nouvelle Culture - Mathilde
09. Dawnfine - Imagination
10. Cylix - So Much For Love (ForeSin Rmx)
11. Synthetixxx - Falsification (Mental Discipline Remix)
12. TourdeForce - Blame (feat. Lisa P. Duse)
13. Diskarnate - Seven Sorrows
14. A Blue Ocean Dream - Part Of My Life
15. Head-Less - You (Channel East Remix)

CD 2

01. The Mystic Underground - Pride Of St. Mark´s
02. Arachnophobias - Can´t Feel The Pain (Ethereal Remix 2012)
03. Nadia Sohaei - Magic Light (Magic Mix)
04. Vaylon - Walk The Earth
05. Inter-Connection - Faith*
06. Xanthippe - It Would Be Better
07. Nova Pulsar - Ungidos
08. Technique - So Cold (Floor Mix)
09. Vainerz - You Create It (Mr. Bouvain Remix)
10. Davos - Thoughtful Eyes
11. Sharon Next - Der Hase (Sebastian Komor´s Vancouver Remix)
12. Theatre Of Masquerade - As The Sun
13. Four8ties - Where Do We Go
14. Future Perfect - Paradise (Kinky Boots Mix)
15. The Thought Criminals - Pay Her To Lay
Solas "Lullaby"
Role: Writer/Producer/Mixing/Mastering

Release Date: 28-12-2012
Label: Mark Robotham
Catalogue No.: 887516137075
Format: Digital Download: Amazon/iTunes
Track Listing:

01. Lullaby (Radio Edit)
Cinemascape "Private Property EP"
Role: Remixer (Track 5)

Release Date: 14-01-2013
Label: Conzoom Records
Catalogue No.: CRCD CS 04D
Format: Digital Download: Conzoom
Track Listing:

01. Private Property (Single Edit)
02. Harvest of Tears (Maracas Obama Version)
03. Private Property (Split Mirrors Remix)
04. Private Property (Skinnyesque Remix by Cinemascape)
05. Private Property (Mark Rasure Robotham Remix)
06. Private Property (Let It Go Remix by Lee Greveson)
Mark Robotham "Here"
Role: Writer/Vocals/Producer/Mixing/Mastering

Release Date: 03-08-2014
Label: Mark Robotham
Format: Digital Download: CDBaby
Track Listing:

01. Here
Mooger! "Wake Up!"
Role: Remixer (Track 3)

Release Date: 23-11-2015
Label: Independent Artist
Format: Digital Download: iTunes
Track Listing:

01. Wake Up!
02. Believe in Me
03. Wake Up! (Mark Robotham Mix)
04. Tonight
Solas "Once Upon A Time"
Role: Writer/Producer/Mixing/Mastering

Release Date: 21-12-2015
Label: Mark Robotham
Format: Youtube & Limited Time Digital Download
Track Listing:

01. When The Wind Blows
02. Angel Of The Night
03. Everywhere
04. Here
05. Hold Me
06. Lullaby
07. Once Too Often
08. Once Upon A Time
09. Shooting Star
10. The Light That Guides You
11. You Can Run
Shona Allen "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"
Role: Remixer

Release Date: 01-01-2016
Label: Allen Enterprises
Format: Digital Download: CDBaby
Track Listing:

01. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Rasure Remix)
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