Patches For Omnisphere 2.5
Rasuresphere II
It`s finally here! The long awaited update to my original first library (Rasuresphere) "Rasuresphere II" years of work and dedication in one huge package. A huge thank you to Vince & Andy for years of beautiful music and inspiration.

Omnisphere patches and midi stems that I`ve created and used in my own productions over the years from my instrumentals, remixes and reduxs. Most try to capture the "Erasure" sound from numerous erasure songs, plus some from OMD and Yazoo and a few of my own bits and pieces thrown in for good measure!

Includes patches from the original Rasuresphere library plus hundreds more and hundreds of midi stems. You will require the latest version of Omnisphere 2.5 from Spectrasonics. A handful of patches also require the Bob Moog Tribute Library
RASURESPHERE 2 Omnisphere Patches & Midi Stems
Free Demo

[Rasuresphere II Free Demo]
Demo Includes:
10 Patches
7 Soundsources
1 Midi File
10 Midi File Stems


Info & Purchase

[Rasuresphere II Omnisphere Patch Library]

Release Date: 18th September 2018

Latest Update:
10th November 2018
(Added 63 midi files for DAWs that have issues with stems lining up correctly.
Midi files actually better since they hold both tempo changes and time signature. Free demo also updated.)

1013 Patches
[Patch List]
454 Soundsources
63 Midi Files
880 Midi File Stems
(Covering 63 Songs)
[Song & Stem List]

Audio Demos
System Requirements
Omnisphere 2.5 or greater
Approx. 520 MB of disk space
Some patches require the Bob Moog Tribute Library
Due to the copyright nature of the digital download once payment has been made no refunds can be given. Please try the free demo and listen to the sound demos to make sure you're happy prior to purchase. All sound demos are completely Rasuresphere II with just a Waves L1 limiter on the master output. Any updates to "Rasuresphere II" are free. Please contact me with your original PayPal email address and transaction ID to receive any free updates.

There has been a lot of time and work put into this library, so please respect that NO PART of this library (patches, samples and midi file stems) can be redistributed, whole or in part. Personal use by purchaser only. All midi file stems and patches were programmed by Mark Robotham.
After payment has been made you should be taken to a download page.
An email will also be sent to your PayPal email address with the download link.
Make sure you check your spam folder just in case it gets delivered there.
Download links have an expiry time of 24 hours.